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The Complete Solution for Drone Detection

SkyPatriot is an early warning optical drone detection system that uses powerful AI video analytic software to fast and reliably detect, track, and classify multiple drones kilometres away in real-time.

The SkyPatriot system [patent pending] consists of up to four Detection Modules each providing 90° coverage and a powerful 360° PTZ camera to zoom in to the detected object to analyse its signature. This field-tested and modular design allows SkyPatriot to be deployed in multiple operational scenarios specific to each customer's requirements.


The Benefits of SkyPatriot

AUTOMATIC detection of multiple drones simultaneously
LONG RANGE detection distances of several kilometres
RELIABLE 98% detection, tracking and classification accuracy
MODULAR design for 90°, 180°, 270° and full 360° coverage
INTEGRATION with other technologies such as RF and radar available
EVIDENCE such as video, images and telemetry data is recorded

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Proprietary AI-powered Software

SkyPatriot uses powerful AI video analytic algorithms to accurately distinguish between drones and other objects such as birds, clouds, and even tree branches moving in the wind. This classification process for non-drone objects take less than a second substantially reducing false alarms.

SkyPatriot detection map example

SkyPatriot's intelligent AI not only detects and tracks drone, it uses image recognition to Machine Learning to identify the type/make/model of the drone detected. This gives another the SkyPatriot operator another layer of information for evidence-based decision making.

Commercial and Defence Applications

SkyPatriot is designed to alert users when a drone has entered into the monitored airspace. The system has many commercial and defence applications, for example airports, prisons, and critical infrastructure assets such as power plants and transportation hubs.

The SkyPatriot system is scalable in that multiple entities of SkyPatriot can be deployed and integrated to deliver a detection system with specific areas of coverage.

Statistics from the December 2018 Gatwick Airport drone incident

33 hours

duration the runway at Gatwick Airport was closed

£50 million

amount lost by airlines and the airport

82,000 passengers

affected with delays and cancellations

1,000 flights

cancelled or delayed

Key Features

  • Passive high-definition Detection Cameras search for drone signatures 24/7
  • Powerful Pan/tilt/zoom camera tracks and classifies detected drones
  • Extensive database of drone signatures and profiles for accurate identification and classification
  • Automatic recording of video, images, and telemetry data evidence of all detected drones
  • Can be deployed as a fixed installation, as part of a mobile setup, or integrated into a larger installation
  • Scalable design suitable for multiple operational environments - Covert and overt
SkyPatriot drone detection system with RF installation

SkyPatriot Videos

SkyPatriot UI demo - UAV Detection and Identification

This brief demonstration highlight the capability of the intelligent AI software of SkyPatriot to correctly detect and identify a UAV.

SkyPatriot UI demo - Classification of non-UAV objects

This brief demonstration highlight the capability of the intelligent AI software of SkyPatriot to correctly classify non-UAV objects such as air planes and birds.

OSL Drone Detection Showcase Event

Rinicom demonstrated the SkyPatriot system at the event as seen in this short highlights video.

SkyPatriot UI Demo

Short video demonstrating the SkyPatriot UI during a trial.

Multiple Drones Detected

Short video demonstration SkyPatriot's ability to detect multiple drone simultaneously.

SkyPatriot Singapore News

Rinicom supplies ST Electronics with SkyArcher system.

News and case studies related to drone incidents and counter-UAV from around the world

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