The UNITY project was funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme and ran for 36 months between May 2015 and April 2018. The project involved 16 European project partners and an advisory board with members from outside the EU. The aim of the project was to develop three key areas:

  • Community policing best practice
  • Community policing communications technology
  • Community policing training and awareness

Communities the world over, despite their varying social, cultural, geographic and ethnic differences, have common and shared values in their need for safety, security and well-being. We live in an age of increasing technical connectivity, but many citizens and their communities are disconnected from the police who serve to keep them safe. In recognising these challenges Unity will create a new, community-centred approach to Community Policing: developing new tools, procedures and technologies, putting people at the heart of identifying policing priorities and ensuring citizens are an integral part of informing sustainable solutions.

Unity will develop and deliver a flexible and scalable citizen-focused CP model which strengthens the effective engagement and cooperation between police forces and the communities they serve to create safer societies for all.

Link to the official UNITY project website: www.unity-project.eu