EyeQuad – Very Small and Lightweight Camera with Fast Zoom Control

Camera with fixed focal lengths that can be switched to eliminate zoom noise in covert deployments

UAV camera, lightweight and small, with RC-PWM control for image sensor switching

Lightweight camera with full HD video and parallel thermal video

The EyeQuad UAV camera is designed for use on UAV platforms.

It is an advanced surveillance product that features four independent image sensors. Each sensor offers a different level of zoom. Standard focal lengths are currently available; however, the lenses can be replaced to meet customer requirements.

The EyeQuad UAV Camera

The EyeQuad UAV camera is an advanced surveillance product featuring four independent image sensors, offering 4 different levels of zoom. Single frame zoom switching in a package just 56mm by 38mm. The standard focal lengths are 2.95mm, 6.1mm, 12mm and 25mm. The lenses are replaceable. An enclosure is available as an optional extra. The EyeQuad UAV supports RC-PWM control for switching between image sensors. Analogue video output can be switched between PAL and NTSC. The image can be flipped and mirrored.

Key Features

  • Multi Lens Zoom Camera
  • Single Frame Zoom Function
  • Choice of Lens Payload
  • Very Small Size
  • Light Weight
  • RC PWM Control

Product Datasheet