A powerful yet fully portable addition to Rinicom’s range of digital video products. It contains a fully integrated digital receiver for use with R1000 transmitter units

Benefits of HHRX2

COFDM Diversity Receiver

Rapid Deployment

Supports DVB-T and Narrow Bandwidth Mode

LOS and NLOS Operation

Encryption Options

Outdoor Viewable Sceen

The R1000 HHRX2

Compact, battery powered and light weight, the R1000 HHRX2 is designed for customers who require a discrete and completely portable surveillance solution. Standalone models provide great flexibility for system installers and integrators.

The R1000 HHRX2 is suitable for line of sight and non line of sight video reception. Further range may be achieved by selection reception mode, booster amplifiers and antenna type.

Video is transmitted using a R1000 COFDM transmitter. See the R1000 TX product brief for R1000 TX options. 

Product Datasheet