PodComm is a new concept in secure communications

Benefits of PodComm

Secure – no server required

Android App

Full Duplex Video

Full Duplex Audio Conferencing


Caller Groups

File Sending

Automatic Discovery


Unlike traditional IMS clients, PodComm does not require a server to authenticate. Consequently, video, audio and data communication is not routed through a potentially un-trusted service provider.

Network Connection

Each PodComm client connects over WiFi or cable to a network switch. Clients are automatically discovered, and presented to the user as a list. 

Interacting with other clients on the network simply involves the user to select which communication is required – full duplex video communication, conference audio, file transfer or messaging.

The user can create user groups, allowing for one-click group audio conference and messaging. 
Applications include battlefield communication, first responder communication or any environment in which rapid, secure and highly flexible communication is required.

Product Datasheet