COFDM IP Mesh Radio with low latency and up to 50Mbps capacity

Benefits of PodNode-I

Ad-Hoc Mesh Network

Rapidly Deployable Robust Wireless IP Network

High Data Rates Suitable for HD Video

Secure AES 256 Encryption

Plug and Play Solution

PodNode is a COFDM IP mesh radio that can be used to create a self-healing, ad-hoc and dynamic mesh network. Each PodNode automatically routes video, voice and data around the network. It is easy to setup and is very much plug and play when deployed. The system is ideal for static or vehicle mounted scenarios.

PodNode uses Rinicom’s proprietary COFDM modulation protocol, which delivers robust RF communications in a variety of harsh environments. 

Multiple PodNodes (a maximum of 6) can be used in the same network to increase the range and/or diversity of a deployed solution.

Network Managment System

Each PodNode in a network can be remotely controlled and configured using the Rinicom web interface allowing an operator to monitor the network status or to change any equipment parameters as required. PodNode connects automatically to other PodNodes available in the network to create a self-healing, ad-hoc, mobile and dynamic surveillance solution.

Smart Routing

PodNode will automatically route video, voice and data around the wireless network and it can be configured autonomously, making PodNode an ideal solution for vehicle and static mounted scenarios.

Within the PodNode fleet of products there are sever variants all compatible with each other. These variants include:

  • PodNode-R. A battery powered variant
  • PodNode-I. External DC input required.
  • PodNode-H. Power over Ethernet

Key Features

  • RF Frequency of operation in the UHF, L-Band and S-Band
  • COFDM Modulation
  • Mesh configuration, Ad-Hoc, P2MP and P2P
  • Plug and Play
  • A rapidly deployed video surveillance solution for covert and overt operations
  • Can be integrated with other 3rd party networks

Product Datasheet