Robust Ad-Hoc IP Mesh COFDM Radio


The PodNode PoE COFDM IP mesh radio is a powerful addition to any wireless communication system. PodNodes in the same network automatically connect to other PodNodes to create a self-healing, mobile and dynamic IP mesh network. Each PodNode automatically routes data around the wireless network, and may easily be configured to operate without user intervention. This makes the system ideal for rapid deployment scenarios. The PodNode PoE is an outdoor pole mounted unit.

PodNode Mesh Network

A PodNode mesh network can support up to 50Mbps data throughput, making it possible to transmit true realtime 1080p HD video. PodNodes support any third party IP device, and thus may be used to expand an existing LAN or MAN. Using Rinicom’s powerful COFDM modulation, the PodNode provides robust RF communication in a variety of harsh environments. Multiple PodNodes as part of the same network naturally expand the range of the overall network.

Mobile and Fixed Deployments

PodNodes operate both in mobile and fixed deployments. Typical fixed deployments include first responder, rapidly deployable wireless networks, surveillance applications and long range wireless IP networks. Mobile applications include vehicle mounted convoy applications, body worn, mobile and advanced ground robot control.

Key Features

  • Ad-Hoc Network Secure COFDM
  • Multi-Channel Wireless IP System
  • Robust Reliable Wireless IP network
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Instant Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Non Line of Sight
  • Operates Between Fast Moving Vehicles
  • PoE Powered

Product Datasheet