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The illegal use of drones is now a pressing security concern across the world as terrorists, activists and criminals are adopting drone technology and developing new, creative and sophisticated ways in which to commit crime, terrorism and invade the privacy of citizens.

As a direct result of the criminal use of drones, police officers around the world are having to investigate an acute rise in the number of crime reports involving drones purchased online, direct from stores or from a growing number of home-build enthusiasts. These investigations have included allegations that drones are being used to supply drugs into prisons, by paedophiles hovering over children’s playgrounds, and by burglars scoping out properties.

Despite counter measures in place to strictly prohibited drone activity in restricted areas, and the clear and present danger posed to aircraft from potential drone-strikes, reports of rogue drone activity at airports continue to occur with alarming regularity, causing substantial disruption and significant financial loss. Moreover, unwelcome drone activity is now intruding upon individual citizens’ right to privacy and the use of drones by private investigators and the paparazzi is on the rise. When combined with the use of drones to steal sensitive information from companies as part of industrial espionage the rogue drone threat landscape is increasingly diverse and becoming more aggressive.

In direct response to the continuing security concerns posed by rogue drone activities, two-time Queen’s Award winners Rinicom Ltd have joined forces with security innovators at Saher (UK) to deliver drone detection and response training.

Building upon joint research and innovation with leading Law Enforcement Agencies in the specialist drone detection domain, the new and innovative training will provide professionals with the knowledge and skills to increase operational resilience against rogue drone activity.

Designed and delivered by industry leading drone and law enforcement experts, this unique interactive training will inform attendees of the threats from drone activities, and how they can effectively respond to rogue drone incidents by working through a series of evidence-based scenarios.

The training is aimed to provide all professionals with a detailed and holistic understanding of the threat posed by rogue drone activity and the effective measures available to manage and mitigate risk. Key aspects of the training includes:

  • Threat landscape: Understanding drone capacity and capability
  • Rogue drone: Understanding law, regulations and investigatory powers
  • Counter measures: Understanding drone detection technologies
  • Threat and risk assessment: Mitigating rogue drone activity
  • Strategic response: Developing drone security policy, practice and procedure

Following completion of the course attendees will have gained a greater understanding of all manner of security threats from drone activity and the capabilities of drone detection technologies. Attendees will also be able to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the law and associated rules and regulations of the use of drones.

This unique training will appeal to security and police professionals, senior leaders and operations personnel seeking further knowledge and expertise to enhance security measures and improve resilience. This training will also be of interest to technicians and attendees seeking enhanced operational expertise and awareness of threat and risk assessment, crisis management, response and recovery.

Attendance on the training will also be of interest to professionals seeking guidance and advice on the development and investment of drone detection technologies and systems to protect privacy, and sensitive and commercial assets, data and infrastructure.

The DeNI training provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the threat of unmanned aerial vehicles and, more importantly, how to respond to, manage, and mitigate this complex and challenging threat.

Lord Carlile of Barriew CBE QC – Former UK Government Indenpendent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation and Independent Reviewer of National Security Policy in Northern Ireland

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