NetAmp multi-WAN bonding device with antennae


NetAmp is a client-server software designed to provide organisations with a single virtual network channel, at the packet level, but distributed over multiple network channels. It offers stable data transfer and Internet access anywhere, at the highest possible speed, making use of all it’s available network channels. The NetAmp is always online, regardless of a single operator’s network status, and ensures no operational difference, whether the user is mobile or stationary.

Key Features

  • Full Cellular/WAN Bonding
  • Enhanced LTE Physical Coverage
  • High Data Rates
  • Additional WANs Supported, i.e. Satellite
  • Very Small Size
  • Layer 2/3 Features
  • Full Admin Control Panel

Main advantages of NetAmp

  • High fault tolerance in transmission (minimisation of packet loss during transmission through unstable channels)
  • Stabilisation of delays in the channel
  • Maximised throughput
  • Low requirements for computing resources
  • Portability (x86, ARM)
  • Utilisation of multiple channels even with a single TCP connection
  • Network agnostic: wireless, cellular, cable

Product Datasheet