Wireless patient monitoring system, helping both patients and clinicians


PRIME IoT’s remote capabilities including it’s completely wireless functionality and long battery life, allow it to be used in multiple scenarios.


Working in just a few clicks, PRIME IoT is an efficient method of visualising, monitoring, and recording patient data – saving the user valubable time. 


By collecting raw data, and asking for minimal input from the user, PRIME IoT also reduces the risk of erroneous record keeping.


PRIME IoT can be used in a variety of situation such as emergency response, regular health check-ups, reasearch data collection, and much more.

What is PRIME IoT?

PRIME IoT’s wireless suite of sensors include an SPO2 pulse oximeter, wireless stethoscope, tympanic thermometer, wireless blood pressure monitor and 12 lead ECG – all contained in a foam-lined, lightweight, protective case. This state-of-the-art ensemble allows a clinician to access a complete range of vital sign data. 

The PRIME IoT hub, included with the kit, collects the data captured by the suite of sensors. It is a standalone module that can then transmit this data to any compatible device. With a long battery life and convenient design it is the ideal solution for remote vital sign monitoring.

The transmitted data is received by the PRIME app which is easily installed on any compatible iOS, Android or Windows device. The data can then be visualised, monitored and stored on the user’s own preferred device.


  • Simple to use interface with clear reporting and easily navigable menus
  • Lost cost solution that is modular and expandable
  • Paperless approach streamlines processes and reduces necessary admin
  • Mart interconnected system, no I.T. expertise needed and ready to use
  • Gold standard devices with instant visualisation and error free reporting
  • CE marked, globally accepted devices with no training needed

Pre-Hospital Care

Used in the community PRIME IoT can help keep patients out of hospital. 

Post-Hospital Care

PRIME IoT allows patients to return home sooner as clinicians and care workers can monitor a patient’s vital signs ate regular, pre-agreed intervals.

Medical Research

PRIME IoT can compile millions of patients data points into any user-requested format.

Primary Care Tool

With the combination of state-of-the-art sensors and a simple but informative e-form, PRIME IoT is the perfect companion to any primary care provider.

Product Datasheet

Datasheet coming soon.
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