Camera Giant, Basler, Praises SkyPatriot

  • Basler calls SkyPatriot a success story
  • Rinicom utilises Basler hardware to assist with world-leading optical drone detection
  • Perfect for daylight and low-light detection

Basler, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial-based camera equipment has praised Rinicom on their use of Basler technology in the SkyPatriot optical drone detection product line.

Rinicom's SkyPatriot Hunter Optical Drone Detection Solution
Rinicom’s SkyPatriot Hunter Optical Drone Detection Solution

SkyPatriot is a unique, patent-pending optical drone detection solution that both detects and classifies autonomously without any need for human input. It’s a system that has been deployed worldwide as both a temporary and permanent solution.

SkyPatriot is typically installed to protect public infrastructure. As a deployed system it contains a number of visual sensors, analytics engines based on artificial intelligence, data fusion algorithms, and a command and
control platform.

To ensure SkyPatriot continues to be a world-leading and innovative optical drone detection system, Rinicom chose to utilise Basler technology to ensure:

  • The whole system can work not only in daylight conditions but also in low-light environments
  • The technology uses a high frame rate
  • Produce excellent image quality
SkyPatriots User Interface
SkyPatriots User Interface

The full success story can be seen by clicking here.

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