Rinicom at the 1st DUTE Open Day

Rinicom Ltd, a leading provider of wireless broadband mesh communications and surveillance systems, is pleased to announce its participation at the 1st DUTE Open Day, the Dual-Use Technology Exploitation Cluster. The DUTE Open Day will be hosted by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills at the Westminster Conference Centre on Thursday 17th of March 2016.

Dute is a £10 million project supported by Government and Industry, created to identify and leverage technologies from adjacent sectors such as rail, civil aerospace, lightweight technology and information economies, and put them to dual-use. The Dute Open Day will showcase the first round of DUTE projects which have harnessed a community of innovative SMEs, universities and leading UK industry partners, and combined these with wider market pull and business growth.

Rinicom is excited to be part of this event, which focuses on exploitation across defence and industry. The DUTE Open Day is an opportunity to bring together public and private investors from both sectors who are looking to draw on the best technologies to deliver game-changing solutions to market.

Rinicom is looking forward to engage with the next stage of technology in the DUTE Cluster covering a wide range of sectors including smart, connected transport for air, rail and road, lightweight technology, energy generation and distribution, information and cyber economies, as well as environmental sciences.

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