Rinicom Ltd Attends 6th General Assembly Meeting in Agerola, Italy

Rinicom Ltd is pleased to announce its successful participation in the 6th General Assembly Meeting held in Agerola, Italy. Garik Markarian, representing Rinicom Ltd, joined esteemed colleagues and partners from various countries to discuss the progress and future prospects of the SILVANUS Project.

The final day of the assembly was dedicated to the preparation of pilots for the upcoming trial period, where the SILVANUS platform will undergo comprehensive testing in countries such as Czechia, Brazil, France, Croatia, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Romania. This milestone marks a significant step forward in the realization of SILVANUS’ mission to protect forests and humanity against extreme wildfires.

We extend our gratitude to the coordination team of Università Telematica Pegaso and Michele Corleto for organizing this successful event.

Throughout the assembly, discussions revolved around the exploitation opportunities of the SILVANUS platform and the synergies among its user products. These interactions, encompassing various aspects such as fire spread modeling, evacuation route planning, health impact assessment, ground robots, and wireless communication systems, underscored the collaborative effort to create an efficient wildfire response system.

As part of the SILVANUS consortium, Rinicom Ltd remains committed to advancing the project’s objectives and contributing to the development of innovative solutions for wildfire management.

We look forward to sharing further updates on our progress and the unveiling of Silvanus, the modern and innovative protector against extreme wildfires. For more information about Rinicom Ltd and the SILVANUS Project, please visit https://silvanus-project.eu/

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