Rinicom Awarded the VIDEO-MESH Project

Rinicom Ltd, a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions in wireless broadband communications and surveillance applications for the critical Security and Defence markets, today announced they have won the VIDEO-MESH Project, under the aegis of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

Rinicom’s VIDEO-MESH proposes to develop a novel surveillance system, integrating HD dual optical-thermal cameras and a robust mesh communications system, [in order] to enable the distribution of multiple high-quality live video streams to authorised devices, real-time wireless broadband transmission and seamless access to video meta data and information exchange. Rinicom’s new product will be “The FIRST EVER HD optical and thermal camera supporting wireless mesh broadband networking, at a highly competitive price”, in the words of Marco Manso, the Director of Innovation. Manso also stated that “VIDEO-MESH represents a truly game-changing surveillance asset, delivering improved protection of citizens, critical infrastructures and (land and maritime) borders”. VIDEO-MESH will be developed with the support and funding of the Technology Strategy Board, the United Kingdom’s innovation agency responsible for supporting business-led innovation of promising technology areas.
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