Rinicom to Speak at Defence iQ Countering Drone Event, June 2020

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Rinicom is proud to support the Defence iQ Countering Drone event this June (3rd-4th) as the UK’s first dedicated C-UAS event goes online due to the ongoing pandemic.

Countering Drones is the worlds only online conference for the security community which is dedicated to counter-drone content.

With civilian drone market is set to explode and with it the threat to critical civil infrastructure. In the USA alone, the DOD requested $500 million for counter-UAS funding for civil and military spending in 2020. It is clear therefore that the requirements for counter-drone solutions are still there – and as new regulations come into force, organisations will soon have greater clarity on which solutions they will be able to employ, meaning they will have more freedom to procure new solutions.

Countering Drones will progress the conversations on drone threat beyond our current understanding, and into the areas of future threats. We will explore how the proliferation of this rapidly developing industry has the power to carry considerable disruptive force, and what we can do now to lay the foundations for future success.

Bringing together experts from law enforcement, airports, critical national infrastructure, subject matter experts, and technology leaders it will provide a platform for meaningful consensus and constructive discussions as to how we can maintain safety and security against the misuse of drones.

Rinicoms CEO, Prof Garik Markarian will be delivering a session at 14:40 on the events opening day on the Understanding the Drone Threat Landscape. Rinicoms partners at Saher-Europe and Operational Solutions Limited will also be delivering sessions throughout the two-day event.

Rinicoms SkyPatriot Hunter

Rinicom is the provider of state of the art AI-based optical drone detection solution, SkyPatriot which has been deployed throughout many major integrators across the globe. SkyPatriot adds autonomy to optical detection and classification which helps to keep false alarm rates down and save operational costs. You can find out more about SkyPatriot by clicking here.

If you are interested in what Rinicom could offer your business, get in touch by calling +44 (0)1524 840 450 or email sales@rinicom.com. Should you wish to join the Defence iQ Countering Drones Event please click here.

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